Joliet Forgery, Fraud & Identity Theft Lawyer

Forgery, Fraud & Identity Theft Attorney in Will County

If you have been arrested or charged with forgery, fraud or identity theft it is important to hire a criminal defense attorney to defend you. Fraud, forgery and identity theft charges are serious charges and if you are convicted, will come with serious consequences.

Debit / Credit Card Fraud

Debit and credit card fraud happens when people fraudulently obtain money, goods, or services by using a card of another person without their authorization. its use. Common examples are the use a credit or debit card to receive money, goods or services.


Forgery happens when a person alters or publishes a writing without the owner’s permission. For example a person stole a check and forged the owners name and used the check to purchase goods or services or cashed the check in exchange for money, etc. Other examples can include money, coins, credit cards, checks, bank drafts, stock certificates, bonds, wills and deeds.

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