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The Law Offices of Neil Patel

One of the hardest things a client faces when dealing with a case is the fear they feel at having to deal with what could be a life-altering crisis. As a veteran of both criminal and civil court, Attorney Neil Patel understands how to deliver the best results while helping his clients through their difficult times – with clear communication, intelligent and practical advice, experience born from trying hundreds of bench and jury trials, and an aggressive, confident presence in the courtroom.

In Will County, Neil Patel has developed a reputation for being one of the most prominent defense attorneys and has worked on some of the most demanding cases, including representing the mother of S’emaj Crosby and defending one of the individuals charged with the Hickory Street murders. He has defended dozens of murder cases and countless other serious charges and his work and results have been reported on many times over in the local media and Chicago-area press. Over the last 10 years, Patel has also been all over the State of Illinois defending and trying all types of cases, including drug charges, sex and weapons offenses, traffic and DUI cases, and murder. Neil has refined all this experience into a successful approach – treat the case like someone’s life is on the line, because for the client, in their mind, their life is at stake, no matter what the charge is.

Prior to becoming a defense attorney, Neil spent 5 years working as an Assistant State’s Attorney at the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office in Joliet. During his time in that office, he was assigned to the Felony Narcotics Unit, the Domestic Violence Unit, and the Aggravated Traffic and Misdemeanor Unit, where he prosecuted hundreds of drug cases, domestic battery offenses, and DUIs. Patel is also the only former ASA form the Civil Asset Forfeiture Unit that now defends those cases.

Neil Patel went to Law School at the DePaul University College of Law where he graduated in 2006. During his time there, he was an extern for a Federal Judge working on one of the largest software patent infringement cases that was pending in the Federal Courts at that time. He was also a leading member of DePaul’s Moot Court Trial Team, competing in competitions across the country. Prior to that, Patel attended the University of Illinois in Champaign / Urbana where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. During his time in college, he was an intern for Microsoft and IBM. He developed a passion for law thinking he could blend his engineering experience with an understanding of the law. While in law school, he quickly became focused on becoming a litigator and trial attorney.

Attorney Neil Patel has lived in Will County for over 10 years with his two daughters. He enjoys live music, watching football, and plays the occasional round of poker.

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