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DUI – Drunk Driving Attorney in Will County

The Illinois DUI laws are strict – the consequences of an arrest can encompass harsh penalties which can  include jail, loss of driving privileges, loss of employment as well as financial penalties like fines, court costs, alcohol / drug evaluations, counseling, breath alcohol ignition interlock device installation and increased insurance premiums.

If you are arrested for drunk driving / DUI, choosing an experienced DUI Defense lawyer to defend your rights is important. Because your freedom, and your ability to drive is at stake, it is important to find representation that has the experience and knowledge to provide the best defense possible.

When it comes to defending those who have been accused of DUI / drunk driving in Will County – experience and previous results matter. As a former Will County Prosecutor, former Will County Assistant State’s Attorney, and former Will County Narcotics Prosecutor attorney Patel has the experience you need to help you get the best defense possible.

Attorney Patel has handled thousands of cases, and will work hard for YOU and YOUR RIGHTS!

Defending DUI Charges In Illinois

Attorney Patel will thoroughly investigates the circumstances of the charge. We examine whether or not there was probably cause for the officer to stop you, if the field sobriety tests were performed properly, if the equipment used to determine your blood alcohol level was properly maintained and functioning, were any field sobriety tests administered properly, were you advised of your rights, including your right to refuse testing, and many other DUI defenses.

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